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Hemato-Clad® Mylar® Wrapped Hematocrit Tubes

Hemato-Clad® Mylar® Wrapped Hematocrit Tubes

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HEMATO-CLAD offers a safe and accurate solution for laboratories, providing the precision of glass with the safety of a Mylar overwrap. With HEMATO-CLAD Tubes, laboratory staff can work with enhanced safety and no compromise in accuracy. The chance of contamination due to glass fragments or aerosols is greatly reduced. Accidental breakage is also significantly reduced, particularly when pressing the tube into sealing clay.  In the event of breakage, the Mylar wrapping helps contain the sample (blood) and provides an added layer of protection against cuts from broken glass.

HEMATO-CLAD Tubes are available in both plain and heparinized forms.

Mylar is a registered trademark of DuPont Teijin Corporation.

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